Smartphone adoption has been explosive and is accelerating. Most Austin cell phone users have this functionality now, and nearly all of the rest will be adopting it over the next few years. Any smartphone user at a CapMetro bus stop should be able to purchase a fare or pass, display a ticket (probably via a bar code), and know very precisely when the next available bus will arrive at any stop. MBTA (Boston) now has this capability, and it is commonly implemented in European transit systems. This would give CapMetro a much better idea about how people actually use its services, and could also provide it foundational data that it could leverage in synergistic marketing initiatives with local businesses. Would riders value discounts from businesses near their stops more than those from competitors far from them? Could businesses build customer loyalty by offering free or discounted fares with specific purchases? I'm betting the answer to both questions would be a slam-dunk yes.

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West White over 4 years ago

Using iPhone services like Passbook would be a great way to accomplish this. The main reason I don't ride the bus when i'm out and about is I don't carry cash. Having a smartphone with my bus pass stored in it would make things much easier.