Right now most of Central Austin and Central East Austin are not served by the Metrorail. If you live in the 51st street area, for example, the closest station is the wrong way from downtown. Car traffic is getting really bad on Airport during rush hour and if some of the commuters in this area could take the rail, we would, which would reduce car traffic. It is silly that some of us live within 500 feet of some (honestly pretty badly designed) train crossings and the train path itself but can't even easily ride the same train to downtown because there are zero stops for the high-density areas between Highland Mall and MLK. It's a useless service for the many residents in these areas.

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Ross Quade 5 months ago

That's a great idea, especially as the market expands further East and North. Just wait until the improvements start and put traffic at a stand still. I can see why more people are moving Just West of Weird, even companies like this are branding their company to attract people from the onslaught of Austin growth https://drippingspringsrealestate.com/