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Trimming expenses is essential to keeping Capital Metro operating efficiently. Please share your ideas on how Capital Metro can cut expenses. 

Increased revenue means increased service. So where does our money come from? In this video, Capital Metro CFO Billy Hamilton discusses the big picture of how Capital Metro generates revenue.  After you watch the video, share your creative ideas for how Capital Metro can generate more revenue. 

Reduce rush hour congestion and make a more efficient commute via bus/vanpool/carpool by partnering with TxDoT, City of Austin,Travis County as appropriate, by getting the trucks off IH35 and onto 130.

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Capital Metro admin over 6 years ago

We do this every day.  Capital Metro has great working relationships with all the government entities you mentioned, and lots more.  We rely on our regional transportation partners to work strategically on getting all those through-traffic semi-trucks and traffic to use 130. 

^Community Involvement 

Alex Hales 22 days ago