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Trimming expenses is essential to keeping Capital Metro operating efficiently. Please share your ideas on how Capital Metro can cut expenses. ´╗┐

Increased revenue means increased service. So where does our money come from? In this video, Capital Metro CFO Billy Hamilton discusses the big picture of how Capital Metro generates revenue.  After you watch the video, share your creative ideas for how Capital Metro can generate more revenue. 

It's not clear if actual maintaince is being done at auto dealerships, or if they are just being used to purchase parts through.  Either way there are lower cost providers.  Covert Ford, Covert Buick, Capitol Chevrolet, etc shouldn't show up on expense reports.

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Capital Metro admin over 6 years ago

We do vehicle maintenance in-house for everything except the RideShare vehicles.  When the Vehicle Maintenance Department requests parts, our Procurement Department buys them from the best source.  When the least expensive parts can be found from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) via the dealerships like Ford, Chevy, New Flyer, that's where we get them.  OEMs also have parts that aftermarket sources sometimes don’t have access to.  Thanks!  ^Vehicle Maintenance´╗┐

Will Blank almost 4 years ago

Explain Misc. Expenses that fill the report. There shouldn't be any Misc. Expenses all should be itemized.

michael gordon at January 15, 2018 at 3:13am PST

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