Forum: FY2012 Budget

Trimming expenses is essential to keeping Capital Metro operating efficiently. Please share your ideas on how Capital Metro can cut expenses. ´╗┐

Increased revenue means increased service. So where does our money come from? In this video, Capital Metro CFO Billy Hamilton discusses the big picture of how Capital Metro generates revenue.  After you watch the video, share your creative ideas for how Capital Metro can generate more revenue. 

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Stephen York over 6 years ago

I like this idea. Frequently I hold events at the Embassy Suites Central, and this way people could take the train to the area easier when they fly in.

Dustin Kim over 6 years ago

They are already generally connected - one can jump on the Flyer from a block away from the downtown Red Line stop.  But the schedule matching with the Flyer doesn't work out for a lot of the train runs.  Maybe some adjustments to the timing of the Flyer are possible?  Or it could be rerouted to Saltillo Plaza before it hits 7th.

Capital Metro admin over 6 years ago

Good idea, and one that you can already do.  The Downtown Station is on the same block as the Route 100 Airport Flyer,   Route 100.  The bus stop is on 5th Street (between Trinity and Neches) and the Downtown MetroRail Station is at 4th Street (between Trinity and Neches).  Give it a try the next time you're heading for the airport. 

We are are considering a new schedule for the Flyer, so keep your eye out for that soon.