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We want your feedback on the Project Connect Regional High-Capacity Transit Vision.  Download the full-size detailed map and give us your feedback! 


The Project Connect Vision is a plan for a Central Texas where all of us are well-connected to the places we live, work, learn and play, via high-capacity transit. The Vision is realistic - in fact, some of the projects are already funded and underway. So what questions do you have?

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Ma Ma almost 5 years ago

Reveiwing this plan makes one seriously wonder at whether the needs of the entire city (and surrounding areas) were taken into account. It would appear from this plan that there is very little population south of Ben White and almost none in the Southwest quarter of the city. While there are known environmental issues around the Edwards Aquifar, the high volume of traffic in this quarter would indicate to me that this should be a high priority area to minimize possible aquifar contamination. There are plans for express lane for Mopac. But once again these lanes do not extend to the SW quarter of the city. As it is currently proposed, that these will be toll lanes and their use will be determined on the willingness and ability of people to meet these daily costs. The fact that plans reaching out 15+ years do not include the SW quarter of Austin, make one wonder why voters in this quarter of town would continue to support addtl. transportation bonds. Hopefully the new plans for changes to city government by area representation will aid in this regard.

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Marla Blank over 4 years ago

I don't understand why connecting UT to Mueller is being rated as a higher priority than connecting UT to Crestview. The line from Crestview to UT will actually serve the UT student and faculty population. The UT student body expressed the same sentiment on April 24th when it unanimously passed a resolution endorsing a rail line on or near Guadalupe. They also stated that a line along or near Guadalupe would “directly serve students in their home communities, by building through the heart of residential student density.”

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Alex x over 4 years ago

I support Crestview to UT as a higher priority than Mueller to UT

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Marie x over 4 years ago

I support Crestview/N.Lamar to UT/Capitol Complex, where there is a CURRENT need, as a HIGHER priority than Mueller to UT.

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Rickw x over 4 years ago

What I see here is the shorter. cheaper route comes first. It'll be no wonder that ridership will be low and future projects a harder sell. Let's take the actual necessary step and build a bridge downtown to connect North Lamar and South Congress, with UT and the Capitol in between.

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